What Advanced Personal Trainer Courses Should You Take?

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Here, learning is all about staying abreast of the latest developments in your field. It also entails taking advanced personal trainer courses to add to your skills portfolio.

Having certifications in other exercise disciplines allows you to diversify your offerings and widen your client base. It also lets you become an expert in a particular field and cater to a select group of clients. Whatever option you choose, you can expect a boost in your earning potential when you have additional certifications.

It should not be difficult to find advanced courses as there are several institutions in Ireland that offer them. You just have to make sure though that you carefully select the training provider.

Choose a reputable institution, one that is known for offering accredited personal trainer courses. Remember, the quality of the education you would be getting has an immense impact on the kind of trainer you’d become.

Picking the Right Advanced Personal Trainer Course

There are many different kinds of specialist courses for fitness professionals out there. So, how do you choose which one to enrol in?

To help you decide, think about your interest/s. Do you want equipment-based exercises such as kettlebell training? Are you passionate about workouts involving the mind and body like Pilates?

Another way to narrow down your options is to think about the clients you would like to work with. There are courses which train you to prescribe exercises to a special group of population. For example, you can specialise in handling pregnant women, seniors or athletes.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as choosing the wrong kind of course. Keep in mind, any certification you earn is another feather in your cap – another service you can offer. It is going to give you a competitive advantage. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, you can choose to focus on one discipline or you can get training for different fields.

Advanced Personal Trainer Courses in Ireland

It should be noted that, since these are advanced courses, you need to have certain qualifications to be eligible to enrol in the programme. Each training provider has its own eligibility requirement. So, ensure that you have the minimum qualification before you enrol.

Below are some of the advanced fitness courses in Ireland:

Suspension Training: This is an option you should consider if you are passionate about strength and conditioning or if you wish to work with athletes. At NTC – Ireland’s leading provider of personal trainer courses, you need to have at least an EQF Level 3 fitness instructor qualification to enrol in their Suspension Training certification course.

Functional Rehabilitation Exercising Techniques: In this course, you are going to learn about current, scientifically proven exercising and rehabilitation techniques, particularly in cases involving myofascial dysfunction and pain.

Indoor Cycling: This is currently one of the most popular fitness classes around the world. In this course, you are going to learn the right bike fit settings for your clients, safety practices, how to design classes as well as how to pick the right songs based on the ride’s intensity, terrain and rhythm.

Population-Based Fitness Courses: These are basically programmes that allow you to train select groups of people. If you wish to handle classes for those who are pregnant or those who have recently given birth, you need to have a Pre and Post Natal Exercise certification. Meanwhile, if you want to be a trainer for elderly people, you should have an Exercise for Older Adults certification.

Specialising in one or more personal training areas can be your ticket to having a long-lasting and successful career in the fitness industry. So, don’t think twice about growing or upgrading your skills.

Are you looking for advanced personal trainer courses in Ireland? We offer accredited programmes designed by renowned professionals in the fitness industry. Call us today on 01 882 7777!

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