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Fascia Cancer Access

This unique 5 day fascia focused course will have a special emphasis on fascia and cancer as we explore the continuity and ubiquitous nature of the fascial net.

This course is directed by clinical anatomist John Sharkey and includes his special guest cancer research expert Dr Peter Friedl M.D., ph.D professor in genitourinary medical oncology from Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

About our USA Human Anatomy Dissection Course

  • USA
  • On Campus Learning
  • Weekdays
  • 5 Days

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Are you eager to expand your knowledge of fascia anatomy and embark on a journey of self-discovery that will offer you a rare view of the human form? If so, join us for an immersive and distinctive course that is tailor-made to satisfy your curiosity and inspire new avenues for original research and future investigation.

Our program is ideal for medically qualified professionals who seek to deepen their understanding of the current medical curriculum while embracing a historical perspective on the current view of human anatomy and fascia within medicine. It is also suitable for manual and movement therapists of all backgrounds who are keen to explore new dimensions of the human body.

Through our bespoke approach to guide your dissection journey, you will establish a foundation for a new anatomy and vision of human matter. We take an unhurried pace, dedicating five days to exploring the intricacies of human anatomy.

Due to limited space, we recommend early registration to secure your spot.

Don’t miss out on this unique and transformative program that offers incredible benefits for your practice. Join us and discover for yourself the possibilities that this program can unlock.

Did you know? We also offer Human Anatomy Dissection Courses in Italy, South Africa and the UK.

What our gradutes say!

Some unsolicited testimonials from our graduates from over the years.
" The amount of information I learned is greater than what I have learned in the past 10 years "
Steve Ganjemi
Dissection Attendee
" I feel a personal debt of gratitude to you all "
Patty Pinto
Dissection Attendee
" Pilates educator and event organiser from Sacramento California "
Nora St. John
Dissection Attendee
" I love this, I've been in my element and feel so comfortable "
Nikki Chrysostomou
Dissection Attendee
" I'm blown away - the level of dedication and passion is amazing "
May Kesler
Dissection Attendee
" As the science advances I have to learn more "
Madeline Black
Dissection Attendee
" This is priceless in terms of the gift that the cadavers give us "
Linda Currie
Dissection Attendee
" Converts high level and conceptual thinking to something very practical "
Leonid Blyum
Dissection Attendee

Schedule and Locations

Good Availability
Columbus, Ohio, USA
College of Medicine, The Ohio State University, USA.
Weekday Course
August 5, 2024

Full details for the Human Anatomy Dissection Course Ohio USA Course

Get all the information about our USA Dissection Course Course. (Remember there's even more info in the FAQ section below).


This Full Body Dissection Course provides a comprehensive and unique opportunity for medically qualified professionals and manual and movement therapists to deepen their knowledge of fascia anatomy and explore the complexities of the human body.

Conducted at the top-tier facility provided by the Ohio State University, our program is designed to offer a hands-on learning experience that goes beyond what can be taught in textbooks. Our approach provides a unique perspective on the human body and allows you to explore the anatomy in a way that cannot be replicated through other methods.

By participating in our course, you will develop a deeper understanding of the human body’s structure, function, and interconnectedness, which can enhance your clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. Our focus on the fascia will provide you with an understanding of its critical role in the body and how to assess and treat fascial restrictions and dysfunctions.

Whether you are a medically qualified professional seeking to expand your knowledge of fascia anatomy or a manual or movement therapist looking to explore new dimensions of the human body, this Full Body Dissection Course is perfect for you. Our expert instructors will guide you through the dissection process, providing you with a unique opportunity to discover new territories for original research and future investigation.

Enroll now and take the first step towards expanding your knowledge and discovering new possibilities for your practice. With limited spots available, early registration is strongly recommended to secure your place in this transformative program.


The fee for the Full Body Dissection Course is as follows.

Earlybird Discounted Rate for bookings made before February 29th 2024


Standard Rate for bookings made after February 29th 2024


Online booking is carried out through PayPal with payment processed in US Dollars.

Please contact our office of administration on +353 (1) 8827777 if you require further information or wish to speak to John Sharkey before making your booking.


This Full Body Dissection Course runs at The Ohio State University Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The preliminary schedule, which may be subject to change is as follows:

Day 1
8:30am – Registration
9:00am  – Introduction, Course Overview and Logistics
10:00am – General organization of the fasciae
11:00am –  Morning Tea/Coffee break
11:30am – The abdominal myofascial layers
1:00pm  – Lunch
2:00pm – The abdominal viscera
4:30pm – Reflections
5:00pm – Day ends

Day 2
9:00am – The thorax
9:45am –  Lecture with Q&A
11:00am – Morning Tea/Coffee break
11:30am – Dissection of the thorax
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – The visceral fasciae
3:30pm – Dissection of the thoracic cavity
5:00pm – Day ends

Day 3
9:00am – Head and neck fasciae
9:45am –  Lecture with Q&A
11:00am – Morning Tea/Coffee break
11:30am – Dissection of the neck
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – Fasciae and nerves
3:00pm – Dissection of upper limb
5:00pm – Day ends

Day 4
9:00am – The fasciae of the back
9:45am –  Lecture with Q&A
11:00am – Morning Tea/Coffee brea
11:30am – Dissection of the back
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – Lecture with Q&A
4:00pm – Dissection of gluteal region
5:00pm – Day ends

Day 5
9:00am – Fasciae of the inferior limb
10:30am – Lecture with Q&A
11:00am – Morning Tea/Coffee brea
11:30am – Dissection of the thigh and knee
1:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm – Dissection of the leg and feet
4:00pm – Final reflections and conclusion
5:00pm – Course ends

Please note that the content, presenters, schedule etc. may be subject to change.

Meet The Team

This unique educational course will be delivered by John Sharkey, MSc., Dr. Wilbour KelsickJoanne Avison, and Mark Flannigan with Dr. Peter Friedl and Dr. Marc Ellis. Further guest presenters may yet be announced.

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Training Centre have been delivering respected educational programmes since 1985 and during that time we have had many questions asked by potential students before registration. Here you can find the answers to the questions we receive most often.

This course is open to all individuals with a keen interest in fascia and human anatomy.

Due to the nature of dissection courses whereby many items, including cadavers, must be booked and paid for at least six months ahead of the scheduled course date, the refund policy is as follows:.

Where written notice of non-participation is received, fees will be refunded on the following scale:

  • Twelve weeks or more before the course start date – 80% refund
  • Less than twelve weeks before the course start date – 0% refund

Refunds cannot be considered in any circumstances less than twelve weeks before the course start date. All fees must be paid in full at least 12 weeks before the course starting date.

In some instances refunds will have the the payment processing company’s transaction fee deducted from any amount due. This occurs when the payment processor will not refund the transaction fee to NTC. In instances where the payment processor do refund the transaction fee to NTC this will also be refunded.

You should not book any non-refundable travel or accommodation until the NTC office of administration has confirmed the course. This will be done once the minimum required number of registrations has been received. Dissection courses are generally oversubscribed and confirmation of the course is generally issued many months in advance.

Our dissection courses offer a mix of fixation methods depending on the venue. This can range from fresh from frozen, Theil Soft Fixed and the more traditional Formalin and Formaldehyde method of fixation. We reserve the right to make changes to the fixation if necessary.

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