What Fitness Instructor Courses Are Available in Ireland?

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Since the health fitness industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, interest in pursuing a career in this field is also increasing. If you are planning to become a fitness instructor, you need to finish an accredited fitness instructor course.

In Ireland, there are different kinds of fitness instructor courses available these days. These can be divided into two groups: basic or entry-level and advanced programmes.

Basic or Entry Level Fitness Instructor Course

An entry-level fitness instructor course is specially designed for those who have no existing qualifications in this field. The programme is meant to equip you with the competencies needed to work in the health and fitness industry.

You are going to study human anatomy and physiology. You are also going to learn about nutrition so that you know which diet would be most effective for different body types and corresponding fitness programmes.

Of course, all topics relevant to fitness are going to be covered. You’d be taught how to design and evaluate fitness programmes as well as how to assess clients. You are likewise going to learn different exercise disciplines like resistance training, kettlebell training, group fitness, etc.

It should be noted that most fitness instructor courses in Ireland provide you with the qualifications needed to be a fitness teacher and not a personal trainer. If you want to offer one-on-one exercises, you would have to take a separate personal training course.

However, NTC’s programme offers both qualifications. After finishing this course, you are eligible to work as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Taking this course is more cost-effective than enrolling in two separate courses.

What’s more is that this is an EQF Level 4 programme. This is the highest level of accreditation available in Europe for fitness instructors and personal trainers. Completion of this course will not only set you up for success in Ireland but also give you the opportunity to work in other countries.

Furthermore, anyone can take this course even those without any existing qualifications. Many training centres in Ireland only offer an EQF Level 3. Before you can take an EQF Level 4 course, they are going to require you to have EQF Level 2 or 3 qualification first.

Advanced Fitness Courses

Completion of a basic fitness course, especially NTC’s programme, is already enough for you to be able to be qualified to work in Irish gyms, health clubs and fitness centres.

Now, like professionals in other industries, you also have the choice to take advanced fitness courses. One reason for this is to upgrade your qualifications, i.e., moving from an EQF Level 3 to an EQF Level 4 accreditation.

Another reason is to expand your skillset and offer other exercise disciplines. Doing this is highly recommended for you to be able to cater to more clients.

Alternatively, instead of learning various exercises, you can choose one and specialise in it. You can hone your skills and become an expert in this specific discipline. You can have a lucrative practice, especially if you choose a field that has a limited number of teachers.

Some of the available advanced fitness courses in Ireland are Step Aerobics, Strength and Conditioning, Indoor Cycling and Kettleball Training to name a few. There are also advanced courses that focus on teaching exercises to a special population like pregnant women and older adults.

Remember, it is important that you continue learning even if you already have the needed qualifications. Staying abreast with the latest discoveries and approaches in the fitness industry is necessary for you to continuously provide the best service to your clients.

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