What’s the Best Fitness Instructor Course in Ireland? 

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In most professions, qualifications and credentials matter. It’s no different in the fitness industry. Yes, it’s true that high quality education isn’t the only thing necessary to succeed as a fitness instructor. However, it can give you the leg up you need to start a career in the very competitive health and fitness industry.

So, please carefully select the fitness instructor course you’d be enrolling in. Do not just pick one just because it is going to give you the certification you need. Ensure that it is a course that is truly going to prepare you for the job. Remember, it is going to impact your career, your future.You shouldn’t ‘settle’ if you want to succeed in this industry. Make sure you choose the best fitness instructor course in Ireland.

What Makes a Fitness Instructor Course the Best One in Ireland?

A fitness instructor course cannot be the best if it is not accredited by a respected local and/or international health and fitness organisation. Accreditations guarantee would-be students like you that the programme of study is well worth your time and money. It is going to give you the qualification you need to be eligible to work in the fitness industry. More importantly, it is going to provide you the training necessary for you to become a competent fitness instructor both at home and abroad.

Finishing an accredited fitness instructor course also means that you’d be able to join a prestigious exercise or fitness group like The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Ireland. Joining an organisation is not compulsory but doing so can make you more credible to employers and clients.

So, check if the fitness instructor course is accredited. If it is not, then cross it off your list and move on to the next one.

The best fitness instructor course in Ireland is not just an accredited one but also a top-calibre programme. It is a course that is revolutionary in that it offers qualifications unlike its competitors. A good example here is NTC’s Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor course. This two-in-one programme enables students to earn the needed qualifications to become a personal trainer and a fitness instructor. Most training providers in Ireland offer separate personal trainer and fitness instructor programmes. This means that you’ll need to finish and spend on two courses if you want to practice in both fields.

In addition, NTC’s Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor course also offers an EQF Level 4 qualification which is the highest one in Europe for fitness instructors. Many fitness instructor programmes in Ireland, particularly the entry types, only have an EQF Level 2 or 3 qualification, if even that.

Aside from being revolutionary, it is a comprehensive programme, one that exceeds the minimum European standards. It equips students with a wide range of skills, making them more attractive to employers not just in Ireland but also abroad.

Lastly, Ireland’s best fitness instructor course is student-focused and taught by the best in the industry. It is a course designed to give students a fruitful yet fun learning experience. It is a competitive programme minus the stress. Moreover, the course is delivered using innovative and established teaching methods by highly qualified teachers or tutors. Here, ‘highly qualified’ means industry experts with years of experience in their respective fields. Remember, great teachers and proven methodologies play critical roles in ensuring the students learn what they are supposed to.

In summary, the best fitness instructor course in Ireland sets you up to be the best in the industry. It arms you with the competence and confidence you need to become an effective and successful fitness instructor.

Looking for the best fitness instructor course in Ireland? Only NTC offers it – EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor course. Call us today at 01 882 7777!

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