Fitness Instructor Courses – Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing One

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So, you should not have a hard time finding one. However, please do not pick just any course. Make sure you choose a programme that is going to give you an advantage over other instructors.

You see:

The number of people joining the industry is steadily growing. So, expect the competition for prized jobs to be cutthroat.

If you want to land a job immediately, then you have to select a course that is going to provide exemplary training. The type that equips you with the competencies you need to work in this sector.

Simply put, do not pick a program of study because it’s close to where you live or because you can finish it in a couple of weeks or it’s online. Go for one that can truly help you become a highly employable fitness instructor.

For this happen, make sure you avoid the following mistakes when choosing a fitness instructor course in Ireland.

Failing to Review the Course Description

You would not know if the course fits your needs if you do not review the course description or syllabus. Naturally, the programme should arm you with the skillset you need to become a good instructor. This means covering topics on anatomy, physiology and exercise science, amongst others.

The course should also be designed in a way that importance is given to both theoretical and practical content. So, on top of lectures, there should be hands-on training as well.

Here’s the deal:

If you want to have the competitive advantage, you need to enrol in a fitness instructor course that goes beyond the minimum European standards.

The National Training Centre’s Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer course is the perfect example for this. With a European Qualification Framework (EQF) Level 4 accreditation, this course is designed to produce graduates who are a cut above the rest and exceeds the minimum standards.

Not Checking the Provider’s Reputation

In addition to the programme of study, you also need to check the training centre’s reputation. You’d want a school that is known for producing graduates that employers go after. Why? This is a good indicator that it has a top-calibre programme of study.

Read about the training providers you are eyeing. Gather information about them and their programme. More importantly, look for reviews or feedback from previous students as well as stakeholders in this sector like owners and managers of gyms, health studios, etc.

Focusing on the Fees

Please don’t let the fees be the primary deciding factor when choosing a course. You should not pick one just because it is priced low.

Remember, what you need is a top-rated course. This kind of programme doesn’t come cheap. This is because industry experts develop and oversee the implementation of the course.

It is important to note, however, that you don’t have to break the bank to take an excellent programme. Fitness instructor courses like those offered by NTC are reasonably-priced and in fact cost less than most others when you consider all that it contains. Many courses are broken into modules and if you check the price for completing all modules which would give you the same standard as NTC, you will often find that it costs hundreds more.  Furthermore, grants are available to help students finance their studies. Some training centres also allow fees to be paid by instalments.

In summary, getting quality education is the first step to building a successful career in the health and wellness industry. So, make it a priority to enrol in the best fitness instructor course there is in Ireland.

Looking for a fitness instructor course in Ireland? Enrol at the National Training Centre, the country’s leading training provider! Call us today at 01 882 7777!

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