What to Look for in a Massage Course in Dublin

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In Ireland, those who pursue private practice earn around €60 per hour, the average cost of a relaxation or holistic massage. For neuromuscular therapists, the usual rate is €80 per hour.

Meanwhile, therapists employed in spas or health and wellness studios earn an average of €14.25 hourly.

In addition to the lucrative salary, massage therapists rarely have to worry about working long hours. To be more specific, those who have their own business (the so-called private practitioners) can dictate how much time they’d work in a day. Hence, attaining work-life balance is not difficult in this profession.

Indeed, with the aforementioned information, it is not surprising why interest in this career is growing.


Are you one of those who want to join the wellness industry as a therapist? To make this happen, the first step is to enrol in a massage course.

There are several massage courses out there but not all of them are created equal. Some are definitely better than others, and this is the type of programme you need to take.

Finishing a top-rated massage course in Dublin is your ticket to landing the best jobs in the country and abroad.

So, how do you determine if the programme is the best one there is? Make sure it satisfies the following criteria:

Provides the Qualification You Need

Naturally, the best massage course for you is the one which offers the qualifications you need.

In case you didn’t know, there are several career tracks for therapists. You can either specialise in providing relaxation massages or therapeutic massages.

Before picking a course, you have to decide on your specialisation. Ask yourself what type of massage you want to offer or what kind of clients you like to help.

Keep in mind:

The course you finish determines your qualifications. For example, if you complete a holistic massage course, you are qualified to offer relaxation massages but not the therapeutic type. If you wish to help people with acute or chronic soft tissue or muscular pain, you would have to complete a neuromuscular therapy (NMT) course.

Nowadays, there are courses which offer two qualifications like the NTC’s Neuromuscular Therapy Course. Graduates of this programme are qualified to work as a neuromuscular therapist and a sports massage therapist.

It’s Accredited

An accreditation serves as your guarantee that the course meets the requirements set by a reputable regulating body. Hence, you can be confident that the programme is going to equip you with the skill set you need to start a career as a massage therapist.

Furthermore, finishing an accredited course can add to your credibility. It can make your résumé more attractive to employers and clients.

One of the prestigious regulatory UK associations for soft tissue therapists is The SMA or The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists. In Ireland, there is only one SMA-accredited Neuromuscular Therapy Course – the one offered by the NTC.

Has Comprehensive Course Content

The best courses has comprehensive coverage. It tackles all essential topics needed for students to become excellent therapists.

In this type of programme, you are not just going to learn about holistic and/or therapeutic massage techniques. You can expect a thorough discussion about the human body, too. Having an in-depth understanding of how the body works is essential to become good at this job.

On top of equipping you with the competencies you need, a comprehensive massage course covers the business aspects of this job. It is going to teach you how you can start and grow your practice.

Taught by Qualified Tutors

To be the best therapist, you need to learn from the best. So, do not forget to check who are teaching the programme.

Pick a course with tutors who have industry and educational experience.  When knowledgeable and experienced tutors are teaching the programme, you can expect a meaningful and fun learning experience.

Without a doubt, a massage course that satisfies all the criteria mentioned above is worth your money. This programme can take you a step closer to your dream of becoming a successful massage therapist. This is the kind of course you should enrol in!

Looking for the best massage course in Dublin? NTC is Ireland’s trusted provider of massage courses – neuromuscular therapy (NMT), sports massage therapy and holistic massage therapy. Visit our website today or call us at 01 882 7777!

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