Holistic Massage has changed forever

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Thanks to National Training Centre (NTC), Ireland www.ntc.ie Holistic Massage has changed forever!

Placing NTC in front of your Holistic Massage title means greater recognition and wider acceptance within your community. National Training Centre (NTC) led by international fascia expert, clinical anatomist John Sharkey, introduced the topics of fascia, continuity and sensorial introspection into the study of holistic massage, taking holistic massage therapy into the 21st century. Mr Sharkey has many years of fascia research experience and is the fascia science editor of Elsevier’s research Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (JBMT).

For many years the connection between mind and body has been a central theme for Holistic Massage Therapists yet it lacked a cohesive set of explanations that could be supported by research. Now under the expert guidance of clinical anatomist John Sharkey therapists trained at NTC gain the knowledge and skills to effectively explain how Holistic Massage therapists, with a focus on fascia, continuity, and sensorial introspection, can tailor to each client’s unique needs with fascia-focused expert hands-on interventions, importantly, supported by cutting edge, gold standard fascia research.

Through the efforts of NTC, supported by fascia research concerning the brain-body connection, NTC Holistic Massage Therapists have gained a new level of respect and recognition from the wider community in Ireland. Now, more than ever, people are seeking solutions to issues of pain and issues that go beyond pain. Issues including depression and anxiety, overwhelming stress, low self-esteem and low self-worth. There are also a significant number of people, in our communities, who suffer daily with unresolved chronic pain issues, post covid syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Many of these issues seem to have either no solution or a solution based on continuous opioid intervention. NTC Holistic Massage Therapists offer relational touch, based on self-healing, that opens the person receiving treatment to the sensorial and perceptual dimensions of the bodily experience. This is achieved by mobilising the tonus of the fascia resulting in comprehensive therapeutic outcomes based on a silent weaving of deeply respective and caring hands-on dialogue between client and NTC Holistic Massage Therapist.

Holistic Massage is the tool that the NTC Holistic Massage Therapist uses to re-establish the dialogue between the body and mind, based on clinical evidence and up-to-date fascia research.

As these concepts have been shown to be effective in improving client outcomes, NTC Holistic Massage Therapists have gained increased recognition and acceptance within their local community, leading to an unprecedented demand for NTC Holistic Massage Therapists across Ireland.

Research from experts including Dr Robert Schleip, Dr Carla Stecco, Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey, Dr Dani Bois, Dr Jaap van der Wal and others are incorporated into the Holistic Massage course materials. Manual applications including fascia awareness, continuity, and sensorial introspection lead to a more evidence-based practice of Holistic Massage.

NTC is recognised as a leader in the area of Holistic Massage and has been delivering touch therapy courses with a focus on fascia for more than thirty years. As a reflection of the recognition of NTC Holistic Massage Therapists, insurance for NTC graduates is now the cheapest in Europe.

If you already hold a qualification in Holistic Massage from another training provider and feel you lack the ability to clearly explain fascia, the largest sensory organ in the human body, or you lack a clear understanding of the mind-body connection, now is the perfect time to study with NTC and change your perspective on the connected body. At NTC we are waiting to greet you with open arms and support you on your personal journey.

You will see amazing results in your clients and you will be in a more informed and confident place to provide the wonderful therapeutic benefits of Holistic Massage Therapy as only a NTC Holistic Massage Therapist can provide.

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