What Personal Trainer Course Should You Take?

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Awareness about the importance of exercising and having a healthy lifestyle is growing amongst Irish people. According to a 2018 report, gym membership in Ireland was at 500,000 which is at least 10% of the country’s overall population.

Experts predict the figures will go up in the coming years as more people become health conscious. As a result of this forecast, gyms and fitness centres are opening all over the country. The demand for personal trainers is going up as well.

So, if you want to become a part of this industry as an instructor or trainer, now is the best time to make a move. Enrol in a personal trainer course and earn your certification.

When choosing a programme, make sure you use these as your criteria – comprehensive, accredited and competent tutors.

Comprehensive Personal Trainer Course

Choose a course that is going to provide you with in-depth knowledge about personal training. It should tackle lessons about the human body – anatomy, physiology, etc. Knowledge about the different body parts and how they work is necessary in creating an effective training programme for your clients.

The course should also discuss relevant areas of personal training such as resistance training, flexibility and stretching, kettlebell training and weight exercises to name a few. Furthermore, it should include lessons on assessing clients as well as planning, designing and evaluating training programmes.

Lastly, a comprehensive personal trainer course tackles not just the science of personal training but also the business side of it. This means that the programme should equip you with the business acumen needed to succeed at this job. It should teach you what your professional responsibilities are, how to deal with clients and how to market yourself, amongst others.

Keep in mind:

Having the needed certifications is necessary in securing excellent opportunities. Meanwhile, knowing how to market yourself is the key to building your brand and growing your business.

Accredited Personal Trainer Programme

Is the course accredited by a reputable regulating body? This is one of the questions you should ask the training provider.

You see, employers want applicants with an accredited personal training certification. This is the industry standard. An accredited certification guarantees them that the applicant possesses the right foundational knowledge and skills to safely and effectively work with clients.

There are several programmes in Ireland that are accredited by different regulating organisations. The gold standard, however, when it comes to a personal trainer course is a REPS Ireland accreditation.

Finishing a programme accredited by REPs Ireland like NTC’s National Qualification in Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training makes you eligible to join their organisation. Furthermore, the certification you earn is recognised in other countries which is very helpful if you intend to work abroad.

Competent Tutors Teaching the Course

A programme is only as good as the people teaching it. No matter how well-designed the course is, if those teaching it are not competent, then students are not going to learn what they should. Hence, it is imperative that you find out who the tutors are when choosing a programme to enrol in.

The teachers should have industry experience, ideally experts or leaders in their field. It is also essential that the tutors have years of teaching experience. With this, you are assured that the tutor is adept at teaching, able to provide a meaningful learning experience for students like you.

Do not simply take a course to earn a personal training certification. Enrol in one so you can have the industry-required competencies to start a career in the fitness industry.

Searching for a personal trainer course in Ireland? Enrol in NTC’s Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer course, a REPS-accredited programme designed by industry experts. Call us today at 01 882 7777!

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