Pilates Courses Dublin – How to Choose the Best One

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We know that it can be difficult when trying to decide which course is the best for you, is goign to give you a high level of qualification and is accepted around the world.Listed below are some of the features of the best Pilates course in the market:

Well-Designed & Comprehensive Course

An excellent programme is designed to equip students with the know-how they need to effectively offer Pilates instruction. For one, it provides learners with extensive knowledge of the human body – both anatomical and physiological.

It is a programme that offers an in-depth discussion of Pilates techniques. It mixes the old with the new; the fundamentals with the current techniques.

True to its goal of helping graduates become successful, the course also teaches how instructors can determine the needs of their clients. This includes assessing their physical condition and capabilities.

Why is this important? People have different needs and goals. In some cases, it is necessary to modify the exercise or provide alternatives to support their needs and achieve their goals.

Without a doubt, a well-designed and comprehensive Pilates course equips you with the theoretical and practical skills you need to succeed in this industry. It gives you the confidence to provide effective and safe Pilates instructions to clients. It helps you build a successful business.

Recognised by Trusted Regulatory Organisations

A Pilates course worth enrolling in is one that is accredited by reputable associations in this industry. Some examples of known accrediting bodies are YMCA awards and REPs Ireland.

Basically, an accreditation signifies that the programme of study meets the standards set by these regulating associations. It serves as your guarantee that the course meets the requirements needed to teach Pilates classes.

Besides, finishing an accredited course can open more doors for you. It can help you secure jobs in other countries where the accreditation is recognised.

Offers Exemplary Qualifications

One of the reasons why you would be taking a Pilates course is to earn the credentials you need to work as a teacher. Therefore, it is imperative that the programme you choose offers excellent qualifications.

Most entry-level Pilates courses have an EQF Level 2 qualification. This is what many institutions in Dublin offer except for the National Training Centre (NTC), Ireland’s top training provider.

NTC offers an EQF level 4 Pilates course. This is the highest level of qualification that a Pilates instructor can attain in Europe.

NTC’s Pilates programme is open to anyone who wants to teach this exercise discipline. Yes, you read that right – anyone with or without existing qualifications can take this highly in-demand course.

Often, other institutions require students to have a Level 3 diploma before they can take a level 4 course. This is why NTC’s Pilates programme is said to be innovative and a cut-above-the-rest.

Created and Taught by Pilates Experts

Creating an excellent Pilates course entails in-depth knowledge about this exercise discipline. It also requires information on the latest research and advancement in this field.

Simply put, expertise is essential in developing a top-notch programme. This means bringing together experienced and trusted Pilates instructors not just to develop the course but also to teach it. This is exactly what NTC is doing – offering a Pilates course created and taught by the best people in the industry.

A programme that satisfies the criteria above is what you should look for. You can count on this Pilates course to help you become an effective and in-demand Pilates instructor. So, don’t settle for anything less than this!

Searching for the best Pilates course in Ireland? Enrol in our Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork, an EQF level 4 programme. Call us today at 01 882 7777!

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