Pilates Course in Ireland – What to Keep in Mind When Choosing One

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There are several training centres out there offering Pilates courses. Their sheer number can make the process of selecting a course overwhelming. You do not have to fret, though. With proper research, you can find the right Pilates course in Ireland for you.

Below are some of the questions you can ask training providers to determine if the Pilates programme they have is what you are looking for:

What is the content of your Pilates course?

The course should prepare you to effectively teach Pilates classes. Hence, the programme of study should tackle essential topics like anatomy and physiology. It is also imperative that the course covers the original Joseph Pilates repertoire as well as current training techniques and research in the field. All these can help you provide the best service to your clients.

The course, however, should not stop at providing you with knowledge about the human body and Pilates fundamentals and techniques. It should also teach you how to properly assess client needs and modify programmes or exercises to help them achieve the results they want.

Ultimately, the course should equip you with the competencies you need to effectively offer Pilates classes. Moreover, as much as possible, the programme of study should enable you to teach specialised populations like pregnant women and elderly people. This is important if you wish to cater to more clients.

Will the course prepare me to work in the industry?

Ideally, the Pilates course should prepare you to become a good Pilates instructor, one who is able to deliver the results clients want. However, succeeding in this career requires more than just Pilates know-how and skills. It also entails good business acumen, particularly savvy sales and marketing skills.

In this line of work, your earning potential largely depends on how good an instructor you are and how well you are able to market yourself. This is why it is important that your chosen Pilates course also educate you about the business aspect of your craft. To be more specific, it should teach you how to set up your business, promote yourself, etc.

What qualifications will I earn?

If you want to stand out or stay ahead of your competitors, you should finish a course that’s going to give you an outstanding credential. The highest qualification there is in Europe for Pilates instructors is an EQF level 4.

Often, earning an EQF level 4 credential is not possible when you enrol in an entry level course. However, there are training providers like the National Training Centre which offer an EQF level 4 Pilates course that is open to anyone. Those without any existing qualification in Pilates or other exercise disciplines can take this course.

It is also essential that the course is accredited by a trusted organisation like REPs Ireland or the YMCA Awards. When a programme of study is accredited, you are assured that it meets the standards set by these reputable regulating bodies. Furthermore, you can be certain that the qualification you’ll be earning is recognised abroad. This is important if you have intentions to work in another country. There is only one Pilates training course in Ireland which is accredited by REPs Ireland and that is the Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork offered by the National Training Centre

How long will the Pilates course last?

Due to the complex nature of the original Joseph Pilates repertoire, a good Pilates course should extend over several, preferably six to seven months. The training should not be rushed to ensure that students like you are able to absorb information effectively. Studies show that information retention is poor amongst students in courses which were delivered intensively or over a short time.

Furthermore, when training is spread out over several months, there is less pressure. Students have ample time to retain and practice what they’ve learned as well as accomplish their requirements. In addition, they would be able to enjoy the course.

So, be wary of short-run Pilates programmes, especially if they are supposed to be entry level courses. To become the best Pilates teacher, you need proper training – the kind which takes time.

Are you looking for the best Pilates course in Ireland? Enrol in our Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork, an EQF level 4 programme accredited by YMCA Awards and REPs Ireland. Call us today at 01 882 7777!

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