Pilates Instructor Courses in Dublin: Crucial Things to Consider Before You Enrol

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Pilates is a great way to strengthen your body and improve your fitness. If you are interested in teaching this specific exercise discipline, enrolling in a Pilates instructor course is the right step towards achieving your goal.

In Dublin, several Pilates instructor courses are offered by different schools. You’ll have to consider several things to choose the right course for yourself. In this article, we will discuss these factors with you in detail so you can make an informed decision before applying for any teacher training programme.

What Are the Benefits of Enrolling in a Pilates Instructor Course?

Enrolling in a Pilates instructor course is the only way to achieve the skills and knowledge needed to teach this type of exercise.

You will learn vital information about anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to be better equipped to help clients/students understand their body and how it works. This also means they will be able to understand how they should move during exercises such as Pilates mat classes or equipment sessions, which are very popular across Dublin right now!

You’ll gain confidence through practice as well as by teaching others. This means you can become confident enough with your abilities before starting this career path full-time.

To add, you will be able to gain valuable experience working with other students. This is the perfect preparation for any potential work placements after graduation (or even before graduation).

Lastly, completing a Pilates instructor course will give you the qualifications to become eligible to teach Pilates in Ireland. This increases your chances of getting hired by reputable gyms and health clubs. Furthermore, being certified adds to your credibility. It sends the message to potential clients that you have the competencies essential in providing safe and effective Pilates classes.

How to Find the Right Pilates Instructor Course for You

Choosing the right Pilates instructor course will help you develop your career and make you more valuable as a professional.

There are quite a few things to consider to pick the right Pilates teacher training course. Here are some of the key factors:

Type of Course

It is worth mentioning that there are different types of Pilates courses – matwork, reformer, classical, etc. Basically, the course you choose would depend on your interest and the type of Pilates you want to teach.

In addition, different types of courses are available for students with varying levels of knowledge and experience – beginner/entry-level and advanced courses.

If this is your first time enrolling in such training, it’s best to go for something that doesn’t require previous experience, as this will allow you to learn from scratch without feeling overwhelmed by complex information. As your knowledge increases over time, advanced courses or more practice-oriented programmes are available if you wish to upgrade your skills.


Is the Pilates instructor course accredited? This is one of the questions you must ask when checking out a programme.

Why does the course need to be accredited? It serves as your guarantee that the programme is of high quality – that it meets industry standards. Accredited courses are audited by trusted organisations to ensure they teach everything students need to be competent Pilates instructors.

In Ireland, the National Training Centre’s (NTC) Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork is the only Pilates qualification accredited by REPs Ireland. It is also accredited by YMCA Awards (formerly CYQ), the UK’s top awarding body for health, fitness, and wellbeing qualifications.

Class Schedule and Location

It is equally important that you consider the course’s schedule and location. These two factors can impact whether or not you finish the course. To be more specific, if the schedule doesn’t fit into your day-to-day affairs, you might have difficulties attending the classes or completing requirements. Similarly, if the venue is too far, the travel time may wear you out and cause you to quit.

Method of Course Delivery

Nowadays, you’ll find Pilates teacher training courses and other health fitness programmes like personal trainer and neuromuscular therapy courses offered online. While an online mode of course delivery is more convenient than the in-person method, it is not without cons.

For one, online courses do not offer sufficient hands-on training, which is important in becoming a competent Pilates teacher. To add, you won’t be able to closely observe your instructor when performing certain movements or poses. Similarly, during practice sessions (if there are any), your instructor won’t be able to clearly see what you are doing. So, chances are high that you won’t get corrected for the wrong actions you do.

If you want to enjoy the convenience of online learning and still get comprehensive hands-on training, check out courses that use blended learning, like the NTC’s Pilates teacher training programme. Here, the theory part of the course is delivered online, while hands-on training is done face-to-face.

Cost of the Pilates Instructor Course

Don’t forget to factor in the fees. Trusted training providers price their courses reasonably. For example, at the NTC, the Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork costs €2,295.00, which is well within the average price of reputable health fitness programmes in Ireland.

While cost is an important consideration, make sure you don’t pick a course because it is cheap. Often, low-priced courses have substandard quality. They are not designed to equip you with the competencies you need to become an excellent Pilates teacher. Hence, enrolling in these courses is akin to wasting money.

Duration of the Course

Reputable Pilates instructor programmes last around six to seven months. So, be wary of courses that only take a month or two to complete. This may mean that their content is not that comprehensive and/or the hands-on training is too short.

In conclusion, make sure that these factors are all considered before enrolling in any Pilates instructor training course. The course you take has an immense impact on your career as a Pilates teacher. Pick the best programme to set your career in the right direction.

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