Tips on Choosing a Good Sports Massage Course

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Before, sports massage therapy was seen as only necessary when an athlete is injured. Nowadays, it is recognised as an essential treatment that can help prevent injuries and enhance performance.

According to a study, getting a sports massage after a strenuous exercise builds more mitochondria, the energy-producing parts of the cells. The increase in mitochondria leads to better endurance which athletes need.

Aside from treating injury and speeding up recovery, this kind of massage therapy can help prevent an injury.

One study noted that having a massage before exercising can release the stress that builds up in the soft tissues and muscles. Consequently, this can reduce stiffness and increase range of motion. Hence, during exercise, the body (muscles, to be more specific) becomes more mobile and becomes less prone to injury.

Simply put, sports massage therapy does not just help athletes recover from injuries. It also increases their chances of avoiding it. Moreover, it enables athletes to achieve peak performance.

Demand for Sports Massage Therapy

The sporting world, particularly the professional leagues, is a billion-dollar industry. In these leagues, the athletes are their prized members – the ones that play the games and gather millions of fans.

Over the years, it cannot be denied that the level of competition has become stiffer across different types of sports, be it individual or team sport. This means that athletes need to constantly improve their skills and always be in their best form. They need to avoid injuries and recover quickly should they suffer from one.

Team owners and managers recognise these things and know that keeping their athletes in tiptop condition is paramount to their success. This is the primary driver for the rise in the demand for sports massage therapists.

Some of these therapists work in an employed capacity, either as a resident therapist for a sporting team or at a health clinic. They can also work on a self-employed basis, running their own practice or business.

For an “employed” sports massage therapist, the pay range is excellent. Meanwhile, for those who operate in private practice, their hourly rate is around €50 to €70 per hour/session. Hence, their annual income depends on how many hours they work each month.

Suffice to say, there are many opportunities for sports massage therapists now. Moreover, this job pays well and the earning potential is not fixed, particularly for the self-employed sports therapists. So, if you are interested in health, sports and helping others, becoming a sports massage therapist is an excellent option.

How to Choose a Sports Massage Course in Ireland

To start a career in this field, you need to complete an orthopaedic sports massage therapy course. Earning a recognised certification and qualification in this area qualifies you to provide treatment and intervention involving soft tissue and muscular pain and injury.

It is important that you carefully select the course that you are going to enrol in. Choose a programme that will not be a waste of your time and money.

When choosing an orthopaedic sports massage course, one important thing you should consider is the quality of the education you’d be getting.

The course should cover everything you need to be able to safely and effectively treat soft tissue dysfunction and muscular pain. It should give you the knowledge, skills and competencies you need to establish a successful career.

One indicator of an excellent sports massage therapy programme is that it is accredited by a trusted independent organisation like The SMA (The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists). The accreditation serves as your guarantee that the course adheres to the standards set by the regulating body.

Furthermore, a good programme produces graduates who are respected in the industry. Their graduates are very competent that major health insurers have no qualms about offering cover for their clients.

A programme that meets these requirements is NTC’s Neuromuscular Therapy course. This top-rated programme is fully accredited by The SMA. This is a multi-disciplinary course wherein graduates earn three qualifications: Massage Therapy & Event Massage, Orthopaedic Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy.

Keep in mind, the quality of the education you get has an impact on your career. It is either going to set you up to succeed or to fail. Naturally, you want the former and to make this happen, you need to enrol in a program that is comprehensive and well-designed and taught by world-leading experts.

Do you want to become a sports massage therapist? Enrol in our Orthopaedic Sports Massage Therapy course. Call us today on 01 882 7777 to learn about our top-rated course!

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