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Daniel is a highly skilled fitness professional with a passion for martial arts and strength training. He has an extensive educational background in sports and fitness, having earned a Higher National Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management, Sports Recreation Level 5, and his Masters in Strength and Conditioning.

With his background in martial arts, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in resistance training. He is a resistance training tutor for the National Training Centre (NTC), where he teaches on various programmes. His expertise in kettlebell and suspension training, as well as strength and conditioning, has been invaluable to the NTC, and to the many students he has taught.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Daniel is also an accomplished Brazilian jiu jitsu competitor. He trains regularly and competes at a high level, using his martial arts experience to inform his teaching and training methods. His commitment to his own training and competition helps him stay up to date with the latest techniques and strategies, which he then shares with his students at the NTC.

As a resistance training tutor for the NTC, Daniel is committed to helping his students reach their fitness goals. He is known for his hands-on teaching style, and his ability to create challenging, yet fun, workouts that keep his students engaged and motivated. His classes are highly sought after, and his students consistently report improvements in their strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

Overall, Daniel is a highly skilled and passionate fitness professional with a dedication to martial arts and strength training. His educational background and experience have made him an invaluable member of the NTC faculty, and his commitment to his own training and competition ensures that his teaching methods are always up to date and effective.