Is Getting a Personal Trainer Certification Online a Good Idea?

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Passion for health and fitness is an essential ingredient of a successful career in the personal training industry. But passion alone won’t make you eligible to apply for jobs. In Dublin, you need to have the required certification to work at a gym or health club. This means completing a personal trainer course.

When you do your search, you are going to encounter companies offering personal trainer certification online. It can be difficult to ignore them given their sheer number. But are these programmes any good? Is it a smart decision to enrol in this kind of course?

The Dangers of Getting a Personal Trainer Certification Online

Over the years, the number of Internet-based personal training programmes significantly grew. It’s not difficult to understand why this happened as people are busier than ever these days.

These online courses make it easier schedule-wise for individuals to earn the credentials they need to be personal trainers.

In fact, some of these courses can be completed entirely online. Once you finish the programme, they send you a certificate you can print. It seems easy, right? Not really because there is this major issue – these types of courses are typically not recognised by REPs Ireland. Hence, taking these certifications is akin to wasting your time and money as you won’t be able to use them to get a job.

This is not to say that all personal trainer certifications delivered online are bogus. It is just a reminder to do your due diligence before enrolling in any online programmes.

Basically, getting your certification online should only be an option if you are certain that the program is legitimate.

How Do You Find a Good Personal Trainer Certification Online?

It all boils down to knowing what you should be looking for. When searching online, you should check the programme’s accreditation and the reputation of the training provider. Don’t pick the course simply because it is low-cost or appears first on the search result.

Why does the course need to be accredited? It is your guarantee that the course is legitimate as it has been audited by a reputable organisation like REPs Ireland. This means that the programme adheres to regulatory standards for best practices.

Completing an accredited course means acquiring the qualifications, competencies and confidence needed to provide effective exercise prescription.

Now, how about the training provider’s reputation? Why does it matter? Well, the best personal training courses are delivered by trusted training institutions.

With their proven track record for having quality programmes, these training providers have earned the respect of employers and business owners. This translates to various opportunities for their graduates.

So, if you choose an online course, make sure that the training provider has an excellent reputation. Go to their website and read testimonials from previous students. Check out who their partners are. Keep in mind, trusted training providers partner with leading authorities.

Better Alternative to an Online Personal Trainer Course

The convenience that an online programme offers is definitely hard to ignore, especially if you have a full-time job or a packed schedule. But if you really want to excel as a personal trainer, convenience should not be the deciding factor but a bonus when choosing a course.

To be an excellent personal trainer, you need good training. This means enrolling in a top-rated course.

Here’s the thing:

The best programmes in Dublin are not delivered entirely online. For example, NTC’s sought-after Personal Training Qualification course is available via blended learning. This means that the programme includes online and in-person sessions.

The knowledge or theory part is usually taught online, while the practical elements are delivered face-to-face.

Why is it necessary to conduct in-person classes? Certain lessons can only be effectively taught when students and instructors are in the same room. Moreover, face-to-face sessions allow you to closely observe your instructors as they perform certain tasks. Similarly, these in-person classes enable your instructors to properly assess your performance during hands-on workshops.

Suffice to say, personal trainer courses delivered via blended learning is a better alternative to purely online ones. It is not very demanding schedule-wise as some parts will be taught online. At the same time, you still get quality practical training. With this programme, you are ensuring a good start to your personal training career.

Are you searching for a personal trainer certification online? Ensure that you pick an accredited and well-designed programme. Choose NTC’s top-rated fitness instructor and personal trainer qualification course! Call us today on 01 882 7777 or click here to book a slot!

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