European Fitness Industry worth an estimated €27 Billion

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The fitness and wellness industry has been steadily growing globally and according to the 2017 data, Europe has the biggest fitness market in the world, with a value of almost €27 billion. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years including in Ireland where the fitness industry is booming.

In the past decade, a large amount of fitness establishments have opened all over Ireland. Undeniably, with the diverse options, there is an establishment that’s going to suit the needs and wants of any person looking to stay fit and healthy.

Suffice to say, the Irish fitness market is showing excellent potential. As it continues to grow, so will the need for personal trainers. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a career in this industry, now is the best time to do it.

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Ireland

In Ireland, the road to becoming a personal trainer starts with earning a professional qualification. Some think that the sheer desire to help people with their health fitness is enough for them to become a personal trainer. While passion is certainly beneficial in this endeavour, it is not the only thing you need to become effective. You should also have the credentials, one of which is completing a fitness instructor and personal trainer course which will allow you to obtain Professional Indemnity insurance and to join the National Register for fitness professionals .

Completing a course in this discipline will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a respected fitness professional. It will qualify you to design and implement appropriate programmes for your clients helping them attain their personal health and fitness goals.

In this line of work, delivering the result your clients want matters. It is the mark of an effective personal trainer. It is necessary in building a good reputation and growing your clientele.

There are several personal trainer courses available in Ireland nowadays, however, please carefully select the programme you are going to take. Make sure that you pick an EQF (European Qualification Framework) Level 4 personal trainer course. An EQF Level 4 is the highest certification personal trainers can attain all over Europe. Make sure that the qualification is also accepted internationally, especially if you plan to work in another country. It should be a programme recognised by the REPs Ireland, the National Register for Fitness Professionals in Ireland.

You should also be meticulous in selecting your course provider. Pick an institution that is known to offer world-class training programmes for decades. It should have tutors who are experts in their field and who employ tried and tested teaching methods for this particular course of study and who hold a professional qualification to teach.

You should, of course, consider is the National Training Centre (NTC), an authority in the industry Ireland’s leading educator in health fitness and bodywork therapies. NTC offers an EQF Level 4 Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer course. Renowned all over the country, this programme is going to arm you with the essentials needed to excel in the fitness industry.

After earning your qualification, you can begin your career as a personal trainer in Ireland or abroad. You can work as an independent personal trainer or even set up your own fitness studio. Meanwhile, if you wish to specialise or upgrade your skills, there are advanced fitness courses you can take later on.

Currently, the Irish fitness industry is teeming with job opportunities. Take advantage of the current market condition – complete a personal trainer course and enjoy the perks of being a part of the lucrative fitness world!

Do you want to become a personal trainer in Ireland? We offer the most sought-after fitness instructor and personal trainer courses in the country. Call us today at 01 882 7777!

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