Can Taking an Advanced Fitness Course Help Your Career?

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Completing specialist courses or programs that offer higher qualifications (like an EQF Level 4) adds to your credibility. It can also pave the way for better job opportunities and lead to a higher pay rate per class or training session.

Even if you choose to pursue private practice, earning qualifications in several exercise disciplines is good for your business. It enables you to widen your offerings and expand your clientele. More clients mean more earnings.

Taking advanced courses to specialise in a particular exercise discipline is also a smart choice. This allows you to cater to a select group of clients who are willing to pay more for your expertise. For example, you can opt to offer exercises to a specific population such as pregnant women or the older adults.

However, completing a specialist or higher-level fitness course alone would not result in a career advancement. You need to ensure that you also do the following things:

Take a Reputable Advanced Fitness Course

The quality of the course you take has an immense impact on the kind of fitness instructor or personal trainer you’d become.

You cannot be an effective trainer if the program you take is lacking in content. Remember, the course is meant to provide you with the competencies you need to offer specialised fitness classes – be it kettlebell training or indoor cycling.

So, please carefully select the advanced fitness program you are going to enrol in. Do not simply pick one just because it is going to give you the certification you need. Ensure that the course meets the standards set by a reputable regulating body.

Ideally, choose a fitness program that is known for producing exemplary instructors and trainers. Finishing a course with this kind of reputation can increase your employability with gym owners and fitness club managers chasing after you.

Pick the Right Advanced Fitness Course

There are a lot of programs being offered these days. Choosing which one to take can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what you want. Hence, it is important that you identify what career track you want to pursue first.

If you want to have a Level 4 qualification, taking a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Upgrade is the way to go.

Meanwhile, if you want to be an expert in an exercise discipline, you need to identify what field you want to pursue or what need you want to fill in your community. To help you decide, think about your interest, the clients you want to serve and/or the demand in your neighbourhood.

It is important that you pick the right programme as you would be spending time and money on this. More importantly, it is something that is going to impact the trajectory of your career.

Learn How to Market Yourself

Knowing how to market yourself is essential to the growth of your career. This is something that many fitness instructors and trainers fail to do.

You need to promote yourself (or your business) to reach potential clients. Do not simply rely on word-of-mouth advertising. While this remains to be a powerful marketing tool, it is not enough especially if you want to have more clients fast.

As much as possible, you need to leverage the Internet. If you can, create your own website where you can put information about yourself and the services you offer. You can also create social media accounts.

Furthermore, create a good marketing plan. Come up with ways to attract clients such as giving out free trials for your classes or offering an additional session if they purchase five.

Admittedly, this task is not an easy one. Fortunately, there are fitness instructor and personal training courses nowadays which include lessons on marketing. In addition, there are various resources online which can help you accomplish this task.

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