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Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
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See who you can be!

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Fidelma’s role as the NTC’s course coordinator involves a diverse range of tasks that require a broad range of skills and expertise. She is responsible for developing and implementing effective timetabling systems that ensure that all courses run smoothly and efficiently. Her expertise in program development allows her to design courses that are relevant, engaging, and effective, ensuring that all students receive the highest quality education.

In her capacity as a director, Fidelma is involved in shaping the overall strategy of the NTC. Her extensive knowledge of the education sector and her understanding of the latest trends and best practices help to ensure that the organisation remains at the forefront of the industry. Her leadership is critical in guiding the organisation towards its goals and in making key decisions that affect the future of the NTC.

Another significant area of responsibility for Fidelma is ensuring that the NTC’s graduates meet the highest possible standards. To this end, she works tirelessly to maintain the organisation’s accreditation and liaises closely with industry professionals to ensure that all programs remain relevant and effective. Her efforts in this area help to ensure that NTC graduates are well-prepared to succeed in their chosen fields and make a positive impact in their communities.

In summary, Fidelma’s contribution to the NTC is multifaceted and crucial. Her extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise help to shape the organisation and its programs, ensuring that all students receive the highest quality education and that NTC graduates are well-prepared for success in their chosen fields. Fidelma’s leadership and dedication have made her a valued member of the NTC team, and her tireless efforts are recognised as essential to the organisation’s continued success.