Hi Michelle, I just wanted to share a recent experience and give a big thank you to you and the girls involve in group fitness class.

I went for an interview 2 days ago for a position that I really wanted to get at a gym club in London. As well as a one to one interview, it involved a group practical assessment where candidates needed to teach a class. I had prepared a circuit as my assessment but at the moment to teach my class I changed my mind and decided to teach a group fitness class to the beat. I got a called from the manager yesterday offering me the job, I was actually shocked because I didn’t expect it as I have no experience at all in the fitness industry. The manager said he was impressed with the class, he loved it that it was to the beat, how it was structured as well as the teaching points and everything, and despite the fact that there were candidates with far more experience, they were good but it’s easier to put a circuit together than doing an exercise to music class. I’m very happy with what I got to learn doing the course with the NTC and happy that investing money there was totally worth it.😃

Thank you all!!! ? Have a lovely day